Why We Think SmartWatches (and the iWatch) Will be Popular

Why We Think SmartWatches (and the iWatch) Will be Popular Image

Quicker and more discreet access to information

SmartWatches allow you to simply look down and gather the same information you would have had to take your phone out for. To many people, this doesn’t seem like an important enough reason to buy a new device. However, once someone uses a Smartwatch as part of their day-to-day life, they grow accustomed to the simplicity and ease-of-access to information, and can’t understand how they lived without it. This doesn’t even take into account watches as stand-only devices; for some people, you might take your watch and leave your phone at home, or do away with your phone altogether.


When the App Store first started, it wasn’t clear that it would be at all successful. What apps could people create that would be significant or great? That would change people’s lives? It is incredibly difficult to predict the awesome apps that people can dream up. Just like the Smartphone, there will be many apps written for the watches that make them compelling devices to own and use, creating experiences that you won’t believe you were able to live without.


One of the elements of smartphones which makes them different from the computers that came before them is that they are with you at all times. Because they are with you at all times they became a fashion accessory. It is not enough just to have any phone; people need to have the latest version of the phone to show all their friends. This is because of the new features in the phone but also because it is a status symbol. With Apple being now a status symbol brand and a luxury brand, this will be one reason people buy the watches.


The price point of Watches are high at the moment, even comparable to smartphones, but they will come down. In the long run, watches should be much cheaper than their Smartphone companions. If the watches offer many of the functionality of the phones, you might be happy with an older phone, as long as you have the latest watch.

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