Apple WWDC 2015 Predictions

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It’s that time of year again. Developers from around the world anticipate the latest and greatest that Apple will announce at the annual WWDC event. Last year, we were introduced to Apple’s new programming language: Swift. In addition to this we got iOS 8, and various new features around it such as HealthKit, HomeKit and iCloud Drive. The question this year becomes, what is Apple likely going to show?

iOS 9

This one is pretty standard. Every year, Apple introduces a new version of its mobile operating system. Various enhancements will likely be made to HomeKit and HealthKit in light of the Watch, heavily promoting the fitness theme.

OS X 10.11

Much like how a new mobile OS is introduced each year, so too is a new version of their desktop OS.

Native Watch Apps

The Apple Watch was recently introduced, and while it has been quite popular, it does have the requirement of basically running apps as app extensions from the iPhone (meaning it has to be paired). I believe we will be introduced to being able to create standalone apps with WatchKit.


Probably the announcement with the most impact last year was Appleā€™s new programming language. Less C-like, more script-like and functional. More modern. Hard to say what they will add on it, but it’s unlikely they won’t talk about it given how much of an impact it was last year.

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